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  • Pailin

    Located: Western of Cambodia (Cardamom Mountains)

    Total area: 1,062 square kilometers

    Population: 70,482 people

    Capital of the province: Pailin City

    02 Districts: Sala Krau and Pailin

    Pailin is a small municipality in Western Cambodia and Northern of Cardamom Mountain which is very closed to the border of Thailand. Pailin city is capital of province. This province is surrounded by Battambang Province, and was officially carved out of Battambang to become a separate administrative division in 1996.

    Pailin is known to much of the world as being the area where many of the Khmer Rouge leaders came from and retreated after their fall. Until the year of 2001 Pailin was part of the Battambang Province, but was then elevated to city status and thus became a province and autonomous zone of its own.

    The city was during the 1980s and 1990s a major Khmer Rouge strongpoint and resource centre. Even after the death of their brutal leader Pol Pot in 1998, many Khmer Rouge leaders still remained there. Some of the leaders went into hiding in fear of punishment for their crimes, although other leaders or henchmen lived openly in the province. It is said that almost 70 percent of the area’s older men were fighters for the Khmer Rouge, but unfortunately none of the regular fighters have yet been brought to justice.

    Ceasar Casino – Pailin

    Ceasar Casino is one of the major tourist attractions in Pailin City. The province is rich in gem, precious stones and timber sources. Gambling is very popular here. There are thousands of gamblers who come and gamble at Ceasar Casino every year.

    There is also a Ceasar pub in Ceasar complex. Both the pub and the casino are opened free for the tourists to visit. Visiting Ceasar Casino will be a different kind of experience for the visitors in Pailin City.

    Phnom Yat – Pailin

    Phnom Yat is a cultural and historical site which is located in Pailin City. It is heart of Pailin City. The mountain is 60 meters high, 700 meters long, 300 meters wide and covers 30, 000 square meters. You have to complete a staircase of 242 steps to climb up to the top of hill.

    There is an old pagoda on the hilltop. It was built by the Kola people in 1922. There are many ancient structures on Phnom Yat, including the big and small stupas and Asroms (the hermitage, a place for meditating). The area holds many superstitions for Pailin residents and some visitors.

    Memoria Palace & Resort

    Memoria Palace & Resort

    Memoria Palace & Resort is the ideal point of departure for your excursions in Pailin. The city center is merely 4 Km away and the airport can be reached within minutes. No less exceptional is the hotel's easy access to the city's myriad attractions...
    Pailin City Hotel

    Pailin City Hotel

    Opened in 2016 the Pailin City Hotel is a family owned business hotel with comfortable rooms and affordable prices. Phone Number: 055 623 5555 / 093 356454 / 017767 706 Email: pailincity_hotel<a symbol comes here>yahoo.com With a traditional wooden decoration and modern rooms, this hotel makes good...