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    Oddar Meanchey

    The north and northwest regions of Cambodia are not only home to the stunning Angkor Wat Complex and ocean-like waters of Tonle Sap Lake, but also laidback towns with a lazy riverside ambience and a way of life that is difficult to find nowadays in Asia. The entire region is a delight to explore, and while it its main attractions will always be the astounding number of mighty, inspirational and absolutely compelling temples to be found here, there are also some intriguing colonial architecture remnants and a burgeoning arts scene to capture the mind.

    In the centre of this region sits Tonle Sap Lake, an ever changing ecosystem home to numerous communities and a source of life for all those who live both on its waters and around its shoreline. Boat rides here reveal another way of life, where whole communities are built on stilts to allow the water to rise and fall without affecting their homes. Restaurants float on the Lake and fisherman can be seen casting their nets throughout the day.

    Rolling mountains and an escarpment to the north where Laos, Thailand and Cambodia meet presents another landscape to explore. Mountains are dissected by vast tracts of jungle home to an array of wildlife species creating excellent adventure opportunities.

    Oddar Meanchey

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